A lot to digest in this.

Having worked mostly in the menswear retail trade from generic to high end bespoke. I have much I could say, but I will try to keep it short.

For me clothing has always been important, from school uniform to my first suit for work. It is definitely a presenting face for me and in the workplace in particular it is armour for the rigours of the day.

Now as a carer it is mostly shorts and tees or jeans and polos depending on how hot the house is. It is all about comfort and functionality rather than presenting something.

I long for the opportunity to dress up now, want nothing more than to don a suit, shirt, tie and best shoes/boots to meet the world (cos its big and scary and I ain't out in it much, I still need that armour).

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It definitely gets harder to find reasons to spruce up as I get older. my mother in-law is a dedicated ballroom dancer and seems not to have that problem.

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Thank you for sharing. Very nice.

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