I hear you. And I'm worried, too, about the loss of paper copies of things. I collect typewriters as sort of a nostalgia thing, but also as sort of a hedge against the apocalypse. I may not be The Great White Hunter, but I can replace a carriage string!

Brooklyn and I like a lot of the same music.

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So many things to identify with in this. I have a Fall Project.

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I am 73 and experiencing some heavy depression but my books which surround me keep me grounded and entertained. I have a copy of A Tree Grows in Brooklyn that I read when I was 11, and usually read it once a year but I think I have skipped a couple in this last decade. I am not sure of the weight of my books but I am sure it is significant and have no desire to move them except one at a time. I reread books now for comfort and because I enjoy delving into a familiar friend once again. I know I am leaving my children a lot to deal with when I slip my earthly bonds but do I feel quilt? Absolutely not and if I can I may slip a greenback of two into favorite ones to be found by curious folks. Peace ,.love and books makes my world go round.

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When I was made homeless 10 years ago I had to choose what to keep I chose my music on Vinyl, CD and cassette. Books and Films on vhs and dvd were also abandoned. Along with all my work suits and shirts (I had been dismissed whilst on sick leave the year before) and much of the rest of my wardrobe. I still have not unpacked my music collection all these years later.

Music has become less of something in my life since that time, (no daily commute, no background tunes in work), but reading has become more of a thing. I don't wish I had chosen books rather than the music as I would probably not have re read any of them.

My tastes in reading though has become much wider due to the influence of Twitter and by following authors and publishers have discovered so many great writers and their books, yourself included.

I can quite imagine Musk moving to Mars with a database full of NFT's which he'll sell to his sycophants once up there.

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I believe next time you should autograph your stuff. I know many would enjoy that and pay for it. Just being helpful to all.

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I thought a sci-fi guy would want a time capsule. Books to me I feel will be obsolete, collectors item. I don’t trust computers. Conservatives tried to get rid of “To kill a mockingbird” by removing it from bookstores. Can you imagine if this book was on a computer and controlled, which it is. They can remove it. Are you the Brooklyn character? You appear to act like him without doing “the bad stuff”, of course. Thank you for introducing me to other platforms.

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Time capsule? My heart would ache. History must be persevered. I will let go when I die. 🙂

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